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Acana Hanging Moth Killer & Freshener

Acana Hanging Moth Killer & Freshener

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Acana Hanging Moth Killer & Freshener uses the latest technology to provide long-lasting protection from moths, their eggs & larvae. Additionally, the lavender perfume with natural oils, freshens continuously.

Each unit lasts up to 6 months and has an automatic end of life indicator, to confirm in real time, when it must be replaced.

The active ingredients are sealed away in a specific plastic holder, which controls it diffusion for consistent performance, whilst avoiding an direct contact with clothes or hands.

Each unit covers approximately 0.50 cubic metres. It is recommended to use 2 units for the average size wardrobe or a single unit when replaced amongst clothing in drawers.

-Specially designed to be hung amongst stored clothing:- ideal for wardrobes and rails.

-will not stain

-complete protection for total peace of mind

-Ideally to protect all clothing including woollens, cashmere, linens, furs, leathers, and even silks.

Contains 4 units.

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