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Bait Boxes Holds Poison For MICE MOUSE (Pack of 2)

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Mouse Mice Bait Station Control Boxes (No Poison)

Our Mouse box is the 'Next Generation' of mouse bait stations and is proudly produced here in the UK in our state of the art manufacturing site. This station has been designed to be the most versatile box on the market and is rapidly becoming the UK's and Europe's No. 1 mouse bait station. Utilising decades of mouse control experience to create the ultimate mouse box. 

This mouse box is designed to accommodates all of the UK’s popular bait formulations with a bait spike to hold Pasta Sachets & Blocks baits securely in place. The unique design of this station prevents fingers from being able to touch bait through the entrance holes and the robust tamper resistant construction it is safe to use around children and pets. 

The highest quality, UK Made, tamper resistant mouse bait stations.

  • Accommodates all of the UK’s popular bait formulations
  • Secure lockable lid
  • Unique design prevents fingers from touching bait through entrance holes

Dimensions: (h) 37mm x (w) 132mm x (d) 78mm

Supplied with One Keys per Two Mouse Boxes

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