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Mouse & Rat Killer Rodent Control Poison Bait Blue Grain Single Feed Killer BRODIFACOUM 0.0025% - THE MAXIMUM LEGAL STRENGTH

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Rat Poison (6 x25g) Rat Bait & Mouse Poison Grain - Strongest Maximum Strength Rodent Killer - Fast Acting, All Weather, Single Feed Bait Sachets


Suitable for both mice and rats. Used by professional or Ameture. 

You do not need to be a professional to use it, Just read and follow the description given at the back of the packet.

Choose required quantity from dropdown option.

A bitter chemical compound to prevent human consumption.

Supplied in packs of 25g for easy use , you do not want it to be wasted!

Package contain: 6 sachets x 25g


Easy To use:-Follow the steps to get ride of Rodents.

  • Place rat poison in areas where you have noticed rodent activity, e.g. on rat runs, along fences or walls, where droppings have been found, near to or inside rat burrows.
  • Use 25g of rat poison at each baiting point, located roughly 5 to 10 metres apart, where high levels of rat activity are noted.
  • Check baiting points every 5 - 10 days, replacing any poison taken. Once you notice Th poison is left in the bait box, this means a success!
  • When baiting use bait boxes to make poison inaccessible to children, pets, birds and other non-target wildlife, we do paper boxes to save environment , instead of Plastic ones!

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