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Pro Formula Insect Fogger One Time Spray- Mosquito, Bee, Wasp, Bedbug, Flies, Fleas, Spiders, Moths & Crawling Insects

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If you are looking to tackle the issue of unwanted crawling or flying insects in the home, this Fogger from Insecto is just what you need to get the job done.

Unlike many other insecticides, this fogger requires minimal time and effort before seeing results. Specially formulated, and used by many professionals, it will target and kill a variety of insects including fleas, flies, moths, bed bugs and mosquitos.

Insecto Pro Formula is an automatic ‘one shot’ fogging aerosol. For those that consider using smoke to be risky, in both fire hazard and environmental pollution, the Insect Fogger is a really effective alternative and if you have used smokes before you will immediately notice that the Insect Fogger is more impressive in its output.

One unit will treat 150 cubic metres. This is approx 17′ x 18′.

When using the Insect Fogger for moth control, you will still need to apply a residual insecticide such as Pro-Active C (we will have that soon) for spraying onto surfaces where moth are active.

The Insect Fogger does not leave any significant residual treatment.

It is really a flushing agent that will flush out and kill insects that are present at the time you expel the unit.

Simply action the automatic release control, and allow the fogger to get to work. Penetrating all areas, including each and every nook and cranny, this highly effective Insecto device will clear a room of any problem pests to leave you feeling worry-free.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly Effective – Used by professionals, this formula is effective in dealing with all unwanted crawling and flying insects.
  • Easy to Use – Simply engage the automatic release control and allow the pro formula to work its way into all areas of the space.


  • Insecto Fogger
  • Used by Professionals
  • Designed to Clear Problem Pests
  • Targets All Flying and Crawling Insects (including fleas, flies, moths, bed bugs and mosquitos)
  • Automatic Release Aerosol
  • Penetrates All Areas
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Action
  • 150ml Container
  • Active cyphenothrin .330% w/w & Improthrin .110% w/w

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