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Professional Heavy Duty Rat Snap Traps for Outdoors / Indoors Rodent with Attractant Lure (Pack of 2)

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Heavy Duty Snap Rat Trap Kit: No Poison

(Free Attractant Lure on each Rat Snap Trap)

Designed for quick and instant results, professional rat snap traps have the strength needed to deal with persistent rats. These traps are made from heavy-duty plastic and use a powerful metal high-tension spring which immediately springs closed on contact for a quick and humane kill. Setting the traps is simple and straightforward with the one step open and close mechanism. This also makes it easy to cleanly dispose of the rodent with no hand contact. Trap rat snap traps are designed with a large bait trough which reduces bait stealing and an oversized, easily activated trigger pedal to ensure the highest catch rates from the front and sides.

The vertical metal strike bar kills rats instantly for a quick, clean and humane catch

Oversized trigger paddle ensures the highest catch rates from the front and sides

Pre-formed bait cup reduces bait stealing and attracts rats to ideal strike bar location

Made from durable abs plastic and metal for extensive indoor and outdoor usage

Suitable for use in trap rat bait boxes to keep the rodent and trap out of sight

Attractant Lure: remains attractive for up to 3 months

Our Lure, a non-toxic attractant for use in the ever popular plastic break back traps. Avoid using messy attractants such as peanut butter or chocolate spread, this lure provides a clean, professional solution and remains attractive for up to 3 months.

  • Pre-baited Non-Toxic Heavy Duty Snap Rat Trap with Rodent Attractant Lure
  • Snap Rat Traps Kills all size of Rat instantly
  • Made in USA with heavy duty materials
  • Easy to use and cost efficient and also reusable after proper washed
  • Large Size (approx): 14cm x 8cm x 7cm
Pack Contain: 2 Rat Snap Trap + 2 Attractant Lure

WARNINGS: Do not touch the pedal of the mouse trap with your fingers after setting to avoid crush. Please keep it away from children, pets and non-target animals, the force can be sharp.

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