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Protector C Super for Insect Killer Spray & Growth Regulator

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Contains: 0.1% w/w cypermethrin, 0.01% w/w pyriproxyfen and 0.05% w/w chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract*
Control: Flying and crawling insects
Application: Ready for use trigger spray / compression sprayer.

Protector C Super is a professional strength product also approved for use by the general public. It is a ready for use use water-based spray to control flying and crawling insects including bedbugs, fleas, flies, ants, beetles, mites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, wasps and moths.

Protector C Super can be used indoors on hard non-porous surfaces, cracks and crevices and outdoors on ant and wasp nests. Approved for use on hard and soft furnishings, including carpets and mattresses, Protector C Super offers the highest levels of control available on the market today.

Protector C Super’s triple action formula contains both synthetic and natural pyrethroids for fast knock-down and kill and also includes an insect growth regulator, which interrupts the insect’s development, halting and preventing reproduction in difficult to control populations.

Protector C Super has no solvent smell, making it ideal for the control of a multitude of pests in and around the home and for public hygiene areas such as hospitals (not occupied wards), offices, industrial premises, museums, aircraft, ships, and military installations. 
Not to be used on pet bedding, pet sleeping quarters or where pets frequently lie.

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