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Rodent Control Steel Wool Wire Mouse/Rat - Gaps Blocker Steel Wool Wire x 2

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  • When the weather turns cold, small creatures seek warmth through available holes or intake pipes. Use steel wool to stuff any access points to stop it from entering your home.
  • Steel wool effectively protects against squeaky entering through narrow spaces, and it can be used to fill indoors and outdoors, for example,House, garage, office, kitchen, attic, radiator pipes, gaps around pipes, various weep holes.
  • Easy to cut and fill to fit any cracks or holes around the house, please make sure to wear gloves to avoid being cut by steel wool during operation.
  • The material is a multi-fiber wool blend, which is thick and strong, and can be flexibly bent to every corner. Because its fibers are relatively sharp, small creatures cannot chew through the steel fibers, But air can still pass through.
  • Please keep steel wool away from pets and children. It may cause injury, you need to be vigilant, regularly check the steel wool area and replace the damaged steel wool.
  • Easy to Install and flexibility
  • Safe and Non corrosive materials
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Prevent Rodents and pests

Pack Contain:
2x 150g Steel Wool Wire and free pair of Latex Gloves

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